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ALBUM: GHOST9 – NOW : Who we are facing


ALBUM: GHOST9 –NOW : Who we are facing Zip Download

ALBUM: GHOST9 –NOW : Who we are facing

ALBUM: GHOST9 –NOW : Who we are facing Zip Download | Ghost9 Album 2021, Ghost9 drop another album with 6 solid track named “Now : Who We Are Facing”.

The rookie group GHOST9 made their debut as a nine-member group with Maroo Entertainment who had reported in August 2020 that they had finished preparations for the debut of their new boy group in September. The agency also confirmed that the group would have nine members. GHOST9 made their debut in September 2020 with their debut mini-album titled, ‘Pre Episode 1: Door’ and then followed it with another mini-album, ‘Pre Episode 2: W.all’ that was released in the same year, on December 10. The two albums were released less than two months apart.

Moving forward from the ‘Pre Episode’ era, GHOST9 moved onto the ‘Now’ era with two back-to-back releases in the year 2021 with a third one on its way. GHOST9 released the first album from their ‘Now’ series titled, ‘Now: Where We Are, Here’ in March of 2021, and then again within four months, the group came back with their mini-album, ‘Now: When We Are In Love’ in June of 2021.

Following the release of that album, two members of the group namely Hwang Dong Jun and Lee Tae Seung departed from the group in September 2021. They left without disclosing any specific reason. The official statement on their departure was that both members wanted to pursue their future career paths on their own, making the group a seven-member act. On November 9, Maroo Entertainment announced that GHOST9 would make their first comeback as a seven member group with their fifth mini-album, ‘Now: Who We Are Facing.’

GHOST9 NOW : Who we are facing Album Tracklist

  1. Milestone (Intro)
  2. Control
  4. Love Language
  5. Dreaming


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