An 100 level student, who is reportedly 19 years of age just bought his 16-year-old girlfriend a Benz, iWatch and Iphone X Max, all in a bid to surprise her.
The Abuja based student, Zubairu, is causing a stir online after he gave his girlfriend, Nihat the ultimate surprised.

He surprised her with a Mercedes Benz, iWatch and an iPhone X Max for her 16th birthday. The girlfriend is said to be an SS3 student.
Zabairu can bee seen in the now viral video leading Nihat to where the Benz is parked, as friends and well wishers gathered to experience the special moment.

Watch video below;

100 Level student bought his Ss3 student Benz, iPhone X Max and iwatch. I thought you people said there’s no money in Nigeria. pic.twitter.com/28yIMbLOif

— PASTOR OLA 😇 (@Biisi96) November 16, 2018

When you wake up to see a 19 year old boy buying Mercedes Benz, IPhone X max and an iWatch for his 16 year old SS3 girlfriend: https://t.co/yUHrzWcFqn

— 👑 DaddyMO 👑 🚀♠️ (@officialdaddymo) November 16, 2018

A 100L boy just bought a Benz, iPhone Xmax and an apple watch for his 16yr old girlfriend but look at me, just big for nothing. pic.twitter.com/5c25z4ZMmK

— Mazi Olisaemeka C. ™ (@OlisaOsega) November 16, 2018

Buying Benz & Iphone X Max for your GF on her Birthday is Smooth but the Girl in question is 16. Is it legal to be in a relationship at 16 in NG?

— KinG NomSo👑 (@ani_nomso) November 16, 2018

Ordinary “baby I need a favour from you”,I’ll start panicking. And a 100 level student is buying Benz for his secondary school girlfriend 🤦‍♂️.

Is my father that I blame for not being a politician 😂😂

— Bright Uchemadu (@iamswitchme) November 16, 2018

A 22 years old 100lvl students get his 16 year old girlfriend a mecedes Benz, an iPhone x Max and iWatch😒 in Abuja pls can someone tell me the amount of the Benz iPhone and watch please that’s all I care to know 😏let’s calculate 😫😫 pic.twitter.com/gzWP2N3lLy

— Es Star 🌟 (@Estherchidera8) November 16, 2018

I just woke up now and the first thing I saw on the internet is a 100 Level boy that bought his SS3 girlfriend a Benz (not toy car), IPhone X max and iwatch. You know what? I’m going back to sleep. Nobody should beg me at all.

— Taofeek Oseni (@HEAD_MASTA) November 16, 2018

100 Level student bought his SS3 girlfriend a Benz, iPhone X Max and iwatch.
Me at 16years, I was still mastering how to play Koso, Ten-Ten and I kill my 1 Star. This life. pic.twitter.com/rBOaRCQSGM

— Umeh and 99 others (@UmehOMA) November 16, 2018

Girl: Daddy Daddy, my classmate bought a Benz for me?

Dad: You say?

Girl: My classmate bought a Benz , iwatch & iPhone for me?

Dad: *Surprised* When are you starting your 3rd term examination

Girl: In 3 months time

Dad: pic.twitter.com/7DXKNg04Pj

— DADDY THE BOY (@DaddyTheBoy) November 16, 2018


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